Reppuci & Roeder is a premier boutique litigation firm with an emphasis in family/divorce law, personal injury, and gaming law. Our law firm is known for its professionalism, integrity, and trusted service within the legal and local communities of Arizona because we are committed to providing each of our clients with quality legal representation and superior service. We believe strongly that the law can and should be a noble profession. Every day we work on behalf of individuals and businesses that are often facing difficult and life-changing challenges. Accordingly, when we decide to take a case, we do so with an understanding of what is at stake and with a deep sense of commitment to the clients we serve.

Our Focus

At Reppucci & Roeder, our focus is on preventing and solving legal problems, protecting your rights, and exploring options that save you money. All while helping you achieve the best legal outcome possible. We attribute our success and longevity to three core values:

We believe that the practice of law is a noble profession and that the ability to represent others in legal proceedings is a solemn responsibility; therefore, we are committed to the highest ethical standards.
We believe that every client has unique interests and needs that must be reflected in the advice we provide, the recommendations we make, and the work we perform.
We believe that our clients are entitled to the highest quality work product and that there is no substitute for attention to detail, innovative legal thinking, articulate writing and the ability to present convincing arguments in open court.
Consistent with it’s ethical commitments, Reppucci & Roeder takes great pride in the methodical and client-specific way in which it analyses cases and conducts itself in litigation. While our Firm has the financial, technological, and legal resources necessary to represent clients successfully against corporations, other reputable law firms, and individuals, our optimal size allows us to offer each client individual attention. At Reppucci & Roeder we always puts the interests of its clients ahead of its own and understands that sometimes the best course of action for a client is not to bring an action at all.

Our People

Reppucci & Roeder is ready, willing, and able to take complex cases to trial. We have team of highly skilled attorneys who have over 60 years of collective experience. This level of expertise is continuously recognized by courts throughout Arizona for the ability of our attorneys to pursue the claims of our clients vigorously and ethically. While our attorneys are advocates with strong reputations, we are much more than just litigators. We have helped many clients resolve their differences amicably though negotiated settlements, mediation, arbitration, and if necessary…trial.

In every case we handle, our attorneys dedicate their hard-work, time, and energy on finding solutions that work for our clients. Our versatile practice is equipped to meet his objective, whether through transactional law, negotiation, or trill advocacy. Each attorney at our firm is skilled at customizing solutions to a client’s specific issues because we listen carefully to your objectives, respond with realistic assessments, and offer maximum access to our expertise throughout the legal process.

Our Promise

Reppucci & Roeder’s founding partners have dedicated their lives to helping others through the practice of law. Integral to their success in building a premier law firm is the concept and promise behind a simple handshake. No matter who our client is we understand the importance of:

Personalized attention and access to your attorney.
Attorneys with knowledge, experience, and creativity in providing exceptional legal service
Competitive rate with a focus on cost-effective legal solutions (payment plans available)
Dedication and commitment to your case during all stages of your litigation
Come see why the majority of our clients come from the direct referrals of other law firm, attorneys, and previous clients. We ALWAYS offer free initial consultations and case review (family law and personal injury) . Contact us today!